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This car might be seen by some as old and overpriced, but when one considers the number of Australians that are buying this car, it becomes clear that many people still find it useful. The car is worth about $123,590, which puts it on the expensive side, and according to VFACTS, the only car within the same segment that sells more is Nissan’s Patrol.

While the car is expensive, it is also unique. It has room to take up to seven passengers with its 4990mm length. It has a twin-turbo V8 Diesel engine with a 4.5-litre capacity. Only full-size American trucks and top of the class Range Rovers match or surpass it in torque and displacement.

When it comes to power, the car is capable of 200kw at 3600rpm. This is just okay for a car of its capacity. However, its 650Nm at 1600–2600rpm represents its actual power. With the torque, the engine provides a muscular yet relaxed feeling when driven. Although it is not very fast, it is quite capable of carrying heavy loads and surmounting hills.

The car engine is muted and smooth most of the time, with a little whooshing sound under acceleration. It has a sound deadening feature installed to ensure as much silence as possible when driving.

The manufacturer claims the fuel economy is 9.5L for every 100km, but during testing, the numbers suggest that figures are around 11.2L for every 100km. This testing covers town and highway driving as well as off-road driving.

The car has a fuel tank of 138-litre capacity which means that you can easily use it to cover over 1000km before refill. It has a six-speed automatic gearbox which used to be top of the line but with eight and seven ratios that are common now, has lost its place.  But the gearbox, which is an Aisin AB60F in which performs well on and off-road with the V8 Diesel engine.

When it comes to interior fit-outs, this car is also fantastic and was once unique until updates to the VX and GXL variants. It has a 9.0-inch infotainment display which sadly doesn’t come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. There is also a 4.2-inch display that can serve multiple functions in front of the driver. It also has leather seat accents that can be adjusted electronically. There is a 360-degree camera that also has a multi-terrain monitor. The car also has wipers, 18-inch alloy wheels, side steps, wood/like interior highlights, and auto wipers.

The unique features of the 2020 Sahara include a powered tailgate, rear-seat entertainment screens, first two rows heated, refrigerated centre consoles, active headrests, memory seating position, electric steering column, and ventilated front seats.

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